Introducing FundraiserOne


Unleash your greatness with smart tools that innovate your organisation’s best opportunities. FundraiserOne is our new cloud version developed using the latest technology and can be accessed with any web browser on any device. It’s simply beautiful and easy to use.

Keep Supporters Informed

  • Send personalised messages using different channels and monitor responses
  • Create beautiful newsletters that are perfectly styled for desktop and mobile
  • Capture interest clicks and build profiles and target more direct messages
  • Create professionally formatted documents using the advanced editor
  • Open Microsoft Word documents and store them to send formal letters

    Detailed Reporting

  • Run queries and create selections easily with our new powerful query tool
  • Run detailed reports and export them to any format
  • Modify and build new reports using the new report builder

Gift Widgets & Regular Payment Processing

  • Create beautiful widgets that compliment any website and customise them for your mission
  • Automate and assign thank you letters that are customised to specific projects
  • Process regular gifts automatically with automated retry systems

Other Features

  • Detailed CRM system that allows you to manage leads and relationships
  • Multiple address storage available
  • A new address finder that incorporates Google and Postal Address Data for verified addresses
  • Automatic geographic coding on all supporters with map clusters included
  • Communication and engagement properties with multi-channel options
  • Built in newsletter generation with insights and analytics included
  • Automated interest properties that populate automatically when supporters click on links
  • Full financial system and integration with Xero, banking with statement reconciliations
  • Advanced notes with actions and workflow
  • Detailed parameter driven dashboard
  • Full history including correspondence history
  • Document management and the ability to open MS Word documents perfectly